Sunday, July 18, 2010

Church at the Cove

We were able to enjoy the company of our trek friends we met in North Platte for another few days. They came through Casper on June 30. I was able to pull with her for a couple of miles on Wednesday evening and Randy pulled with Clive for about 10 miles on Thursday morning early. It was a cool experience. I pulled through town and there were several people who honked and waved. When Randy pulled it was way to early in the morning for any activity (5:30 A.M.) but enjoyed great conversation with Clive. On Wednesday evening, we got pizzas for the group for dinner and we sure did make some young men very happy. Then I fixed them breakfast the next morning of sausage and eggs. They were so happy to not have oatmeal AGAIN. It was fun to have this small moment of time with them and their adventure.

Upon departure to continue their trek, we made arrangements to meet up with them again on Saturday at Martin's Cove. The Corbin boy's mom and uncle were going to be there to visit and we were invited to meet them. So, on Saturday, Sylvia, Addy, Randy and I went to Martin's Cove to find them. When we arrived, the missionaries mentioned that they were there but had continued on. A bit disappointed we still enjoyed being at the Cove and seeing most of the sites. We weren't up to trekking to the actual cove (about 2 1/2 miles one way) at this time but vowed to return soon. There are a couple campgrounds along with a Missionary Village where the missionaries stay in RVs which we explored to see if the Haydons were there. We did find what we thought was their Cruise America RV but weren't totally sure as we forgot what state it was licensed. So after enjoying a picnic dinner, we headed back to Casper. Oh, I failed to say their wasn't any phone service out on the prairie. Once we got within 15 miles of Casper, we received a call from Clive saying they were there and they were up in the Cove when we were exploring the other parts of the visitor's area. After expressing our disappointment of not getting to see each other, they mentioned that they were going to ordain their 12-year-old after church the next day. Randy was invited to stand in the circle. So, we headed back to Martin's Cove the next morning early to attend church.

What an awesome experience!! To sit on the banks of the Sweetwater River at a very sacred site and learn more of our loving Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. Oh, and to top it off, it was the 4th of July. There were over 300 people in attendance for this small branch. After church meetings, one of the Haydon's Bishopric member arrived and we all gathered on the banks in the open air to ordain young Sam. I am getting goose bumps right now just remembering how outrageously awesome it was and how much the spirit was felt. We then enjoyed lunch with the missionaries and some valued time with the Haydons. Brett Corbin's shoes were in seriously poor shape, so thru a series of events and before we left, Randy gave his missionary church shoes to him to help him finish the trek. My hero! How I love him and the example he sets.

We hope to see the Haydons while we are visiting Utah friends during August.